A Series of Sevvies

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At least two of the five people who read The LB Tip have inquired why I haven’t been writing as much. To which I answered, “Good question, fan-base, good question.” Lately, it’s just been too damn busy.

In July, I helped launch a funny web series called Sevvy Hounds. I co-directed it with Mike Schindler who conceived, wrote and produced the series based on his own experiences in the corporate world. He had made a discovery a few years back that there is an entire subculture of office workers who are dying to get laid off. Not fired, but you know, let go… so that they can score a sweet severance package. “Sevvy” was the insider’s term Mike created for the story of two office rebels who will do anything to get laid off and paid off. You can even look it up in your local online dictionary.

At first, I imagined making a web series would be easier than making the usual film, but hell no, it’s a formidable beast in it’s own right. After we wrapped production, it became more like a business than anything else: building partnerships, spreading the word, and promoting it to new types of audiences – quite the experience buffet. We planned our attack the best we could and decided we’d release an episode every Friday for five weeks, just like paychecks. Now that we’ve released the finale, everyone has the opportunity to sit back, grab a bevvie and watch the Hounds go after their sevvies. I make a few cameos myself — see if you can find me:

The show has brought in over 11.5K (views) on YouTube so far. In the end, the dancing hamster/baby trick videos always get more clicks, but I’ve learned this is a totally different way to screen your material, that requires patience. Patience on the internet? Isn’t that fictional? Perhaps it feels that way at first, but all of a sudden… right when you think it’s not working, random people start to respond and comment, and the process becomes truly engaging.

Sevvy Hounds is a piece of office comedy, a nice young genre I’ve always enjoyed, with plenty of untapped potential. Many of us can relate to getting stuck at a dead end job, and daydream about working the system, sticking it to the man, or getting back what we’re really worth. For those reasons alone, I hope the series continues to penetrate cubicle screens. If you’re sweating the 9-5, this show might just be for you.

Launching this web series has been a fun ride, and as a way to thank our supporters, we’ll be dropping an “improv-style” BONUS episode onto on our channel — September 5th. Like its predecessors, this little epilogue will have no shame.


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