Bacon Brits


Yesterday, I posted about making a memorable statement through comedy (and meat). The first batch came in the form of “Baconomics.” This week, the fried fun continues with the 2nd installment of bacon films that AA has directed for Hormel’s Black Label bacon contest. This time, we tackled an idea that Cole Baker and I have been wanting to explore for a long time. “Grease Back in Anger” is a playful homage to the kitchen sink dramas made in the late 1950s and early 1960s, also known as the British angry young men period. (Shots below from my favorites: Look Back in Anger, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning).

Some of you film buffs may catch the references, but if you don’t, that’s all the more reason to find the original films on Netflix. In the meanwhile, you can watch Cole and I go head-to-head in shameless black and white. For all it’s bloody worth, here’s “Grease Back in Anger”:


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  1. Two words: just wow.

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