Momma Nature

    I took a trip along the coast this past weekend and thought I’d share one of my sightings. It’s called “Windamjig”. The alluring motion and acoustics of this beachside scultpure was immediatly fascinating. After watching it for a few minutes, I felt like I had just gone through an hour long meditation session. As you can see, it […]

    Arso Tupudio had seen some brilliant sunsets in his life. He had always been drawn to them in a very strange but powerful way. When he was younger, there were times when you could actually have found him perched on a cliff, just waiting for one. So it comes as no great surprise why he chose to stop […]

    The photo above represents the most embarrassing moment I’ve had in America this year. The environmental news of 2010 has been a hell of a ride so far but BP’s offshore blooper is unprecedented. It’s like reading about mass rape. I’m so ashamed to live within a broken system that allows these kind of catastrophes to happen. 42,000 […]

    Images come and go. I used to rely heavily on dream images. There was a long stretch of time during which I was milking my late night memory for any visuals I could turn into stories. Now I tend to find most of my ideas from everyday reality.  Dreams just don’t stick around the way they used to.  […]

    Today was maybe the coldest morning I can remember waking up to in L.A. 37 degrees? Granted, so many other places have it much worse, but I could hardly believe it. Maybe each time it’s cold out here I just get shell-shocked. When I awoke, it was still early and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I brewed […]