There’s a new war brewing and it’s finally hitting the headlines. This battle is not over oil or WMDs. It’s being waged over a different kind of substance that affects the mind, bodies and souls of America’s kids. To some, this is a local battle that’s nowhere near as important as Iraq or Afghanistan. But if you’re one […]

    As the world reacts to the sudden death of Osama Bin Laden, a new piece of evidence has emerged from the media rubble, which is sure to spin the public on its tail. What you are about to have access to is shocking, unbelievable, surreal, but most all, RIDICULOUS!!!! First off, any connection one can claim between Woody […]

    There’s nothing quite like watching the soft colors of a motion picture fade off the screen to black. Absolutely refreshing. But believe me, that feeling is especially accentuated when it follows intense bouts of editing, sound design, and visual treatment. It’s been a windy road, but after months of churning, burning, and “cave talk”, a new film called […]

    In the hours following the devastating earthquake in Japan, everything felt so surreal. Everyone watching from afar thought it looked like a movie. I stayed up all night watching the news unfold, but I couldn’t fully react. There was too much happening, all so fast. Mother Nature was just too omnipotent to analyze. I couldn’t imagine how anything […]

    I love it when headline news triggers a cinematic flashback. So here’s the beginning of Senator Bernie Sanders’ recent filibuster speech, stacked up against the end of Jimmy Stewart’s speech in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It’s a marathon speech buffet! They’re over 70 years apart and I think they’re both dramatic in their own way. Hopefully they’re […]