On my way back from Palm Springs last weekend, I packed some food for the road. Nothing big, just a bunch of giveaway snack bars I’d never eaten before. They were pretty tasty. But after munching on them for the last couple days, I unknowingly entered an entirely foreign dimension, where males leave reality behind to fraternize with […]

    As the world reacts to the sudden death of Osama Bin Laden, a new piece of evidence has emerged from the media rubble, which is sure to spin the public on its tail. What you are about to have access to is shocking, unbelievable, surreal, but most all, RIDICULOUS!!!! First off, any connection one can claim between Woody […]

      spittle lithium puzzle steinbeck greyhound driven blood burst gravel puree divulge homicide stencil hopscotch freedom masonry sparks brown-noser hermit mirrors terabyte moneybag leftovers sensation zinc revival blindspot fallable grits palindrome drawbridge shutters ferret Goya deliberate saturated kindled spindled stilted askew uncle hitman cometh stagnant constellation shelter fuzz chain bait silver dweller salvaged misprint motor-car lightproof crapshoot dingy salamander […]

    Life lessons are important. Especially the ones you usually ignore. In many cases, they take a lifetime to sink in. But you never know. Sometimes you get lucky and they happen in the moment. My latest awakening took about 24 hours to fully marinate. And here’s how it went down… Last weekend, I went out for a brunch […]

    A no-nothing boob?? That’s terrible! What does that even mean? Basically, it’s a carefully crafted set of words that Andy Rooney chooses to describe himself by. A friend of mine just sent me a video clip from 60 Minutes that just makes me stop and give thanks that the internet exists. I guess this video is a few […]