Last week I was sitting in a waiting room with a group of tired faces. Directly in front of me was a rather large woman, checking text messages. Her short nappy hair was tied back and I could clearly see a tattoo on the back of her neck. In fancy tattoography it read: Always Look Forward I liked […]

      Another terrible closing on Wall Street has flattened people’s already soured spirits. My advice to all of them is to avoid wallowing in the inevitable. Yes, leave those pitiful news updates and monitors behind! Go to where the air is clear. Sound familiar? That’s because it worked for these guys:   (Please comment on this video if […]

    When the world step backs and takes a good look at the current state of things in the Good Old US of A, what can be said? Anything and everything. As for America itself, the media is there to help us spin it, riding its poll-based pogo-stick as the general public stands divided as one. Everyone else is […]

    Life lessons are important. Especially the ones you usually ignore. In many cases, they take a lifetime to sink in. But you never know. Sometimes you get lucky and they happen in the moment. My latest awakening took about 24 hours to fully marinate. And here’s how it went down… Last weekend, I went out for a brunch […]

  Dearest Gym, We need to talk. Now that we’re a full month into our 6th year together, I have to take a pause and really put our relationship on the table. Honestly, there’s been too much building up inside for me to just pretend everything is okay between us. Because let’s face it, we’re a mess. Not only do […]