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A Series of Sevvies

SH E4_HandRaise

At first, I imagined making a web series would be easier than making the usual film, but hell no, it’s a formidable beast in it’s own right.

    Woody Allen is a man who claims to lead a simple life, careful never to stray far from his comfort zone. In his films, he’s known for playing the classic neurotic character who keeps an assortment of Xanax and Valium on standby. One of his classic pet peeves is Los Angeles. Or more specifically, he shows deep preference […]

    When you were a kid, there was a good chance you heard an older person say, “They don’t make ‘em, like they used to.” Well, you know what? Sometimes that may be a good thing… After watching the 1968 comedy, Skidoo, it looks like the good old days had plenty of hiccups. Filled with a concoction of psychedelic […]

    Dear Mr. 405 North and Mrs. 405 South, You may remember me. I’m one of the millions of L.A. drivers that has cursed your inadequate existence over the years. Long have I endured your wrath. Long have I compared you to the experience of customer service at the DMV. Long have I made claims that you may well […]

  I never expected to do a follow up post on Mr. Bill, but it seems the little guy can’t get enough.  Ever since I dug him up, he’s everywhere. This time I spotted him at Bed Bath & Beyond, where of course, I couldn’t resist…