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Take “Parallel Avenue” to LA


PARALLEL AVENUE is a new film about Los Angeles, told through the perspectives of five different women. The film is now available to watch in full on Vimeo.

Crystal Transfer


A short story about writing my first screenplay

    2011 is coming to an end rather quickly, as every year seems to. For me, it was a great time for writing and production, but a really lackluster year for new music experiences. I was happy to get a quick pick me up at the end of November and early Decemeber, when I had a chance to see […]

    Last night I was rear ended. It was late at night… and I was approached by a group of hooded men just south of the Mojave desert. I don’t know if they were former sex offenders as I have no memory of their faces or voices. It was pitch black and I had very little time to react. […]

    If you’ve ever driven the deserted streets of L.A. late at night, you may have wondered what kind of activity may be going down… who lurks under the bridges, or in those long alleyways lined with ghostlike warehouses? Why are all those cop cars floating around without headlights… who are they looking for? You may just get your […]